Backup Legacy Accounts 🔗︎


Lamden is not responsible for lost or stolen keys or keystores 🔗︎

This process will allow you to create a keystore file.(The Vault Accounts are not included)

What is a Keystore file 🔗︎

A keystore file is a password encrypted file that houses all your legacy accounts keypairs.

How to Create Keystore File 🔗︎

  1. Login to Lamden Vault
  2. Click Settings on the left-hand menu
  3. Click the BACKUP WALLET button from the Settings Menu.
  4. Click the BACKUP LEGACY ACCOUNTS button
  5. Verify your password.
  6. Create a strong password to with the following rules and enter it in the Password box:
    • Is 15 or more characters in length
    • Has 1 lowercase letter
    • Has 1 uppercase letter
    • Has 1 number
    • Has 1 special character
  7. Enter the same password again in the Confirm Password box.
  8. If you want you can create a password hint. This will be shown to you during the Restore Keystore process.
  9. Click the CREATE KEYSTORE button
  10. Click the I Understand checkbox to confirm you have read and understand the safe storage suggestions.
  11. Click the DOWNLOAD FILE button and the keystore will be downloaded via your browser to your default Downloads folder. At this time you should move the file to a safe location.

Safe Storage Suggestions 🔗︎

Each storage suggestion has it's pros and cons. Pick the one that works best for you or come up with your own solution.

  1. USB Drive
    • Pros: Great "Offline" storage solution that can hold multiple keystore files.
    • Cons: USB drives can be prone to corruption, easily misplaced or damaged.
  2. Cloud storage
    • Pros: Redundant Storage that is automatically backed up and accessible anywhere. Some cloud solutions, such as OneDrive's "Vault", feature include 2FA on specific folders.
    • Cons: Some don't consider "remote" storage as a possible solution and prefer only "offline" storage safe

Restoring a Keystore 🔗︎

See Restore Keystore.