What Are Wallet Accounts? 🔗︎

Wallet accounts store your TAU Tokens.

There are two types of accounts. One is Vault Accounts, and the other is Legacy Accounts.

What are Vault Accounts 🔗︎

These accounts are created through a unique 24-word phrase that is generated when you first setup. Your funds are connected to that phrase.

It is important to write the 24-word phrase down on paper and hide it somewhere, put it in a safety deposit box, or use a secure password manager.

What are Legacy Accounts 🔗︎

Only old users own such accounts. Each account has its own unique keypair which is encrypted in the Lamden Vault.

It is heavily recommended that you do a BACKUP every time you add a new account as each backup only stores the accounts you had at that specific point in time.

What are keypairs? 🔗︎

Each account in your Lamden Vault has an associated cryptographic keypair.

  1. Public Key

    • Referred to as "Account Address" in the wallet but also commonly referred to as a "public key" or "verifying key (vk)"
    • Can be "public knowledge" and you are free to share this without risking the security of your account
  2. Secret Key

    • As the name suggests this MUST BE KEPT SECRET!
    • Used to sign transactions. Transactions signed by this key identify you on the blockchain by your Public Key.
    • If someone has your secret key then, to the blockchain, they are you and can act as you!