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Lamden is the performant Python-based blockchain platform that makes using and creating the next generation of dApps easy for everyone.

In this module, you will get into how to build a lottery dapp step by step:

  • Learn how to interact with Lamden Vault
  • Access Lamden Block Service APIs
  • Write a smart contract in Python
  • Create a user interface for lottery dapp


  • Visual Studio Code Installed
  • Familiarity with Python, Javascript/CSS/HTML, React
  • Python contracting package installed
  • Basic Familiarity with contracting package.


This tutorial will get you konw how to access Block Service api. The Block Service is a application for syncing and serving the Lamden Blockchain to a local app. This application serves as starting point to be able to build an app on Lamden that requires easy access to current state and realtime updates.

This tutorial will make you understand how to send a transaction and allow users to buy some tickets through the lottery dapp.