Block Service Changes 🔗︎

Running a Block Service 🔗︎

If you currently run a block service then you will be required to update to a new Block Service version after Arko is deployed.

The legacy Lamden Block Service can be decommissioned, including all mongo tables.

The new Arko Block Service will have a dockerized instal. All genesis state will be downloaded via a file when the block service starts and then new block discovery will begin.

Endpoint Changes 🔗︎

history endpoints tx_uid 🔗︎

Legacy Lamden Block Service needed to create a UID for transactions, called the tx_uid. This was a unique and orderable value that could be assigned to each transaction that was parsed from a block. In general it was blocknumber.subblock.transaction_index

Arko blocks only have one transaction allowing us to use the block number as it is both unique and orderable.

In the API tx_uid has been replaced with the simpler start_block_num.

Legacy Lamden 🔗︎

Get the next 10 transactions made after transaction 000000012678.00000.00000


Arko 🔗︎

Get the next 10 currency transaction made after block number 1673210350047866112