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Lamden Wallet Overview

The Lamden Wallet has a number of features that allow the user to interface directly with the Lamden Blockchain.

  • Safe storage of Account keys (keypairs).
  • Easy Backup and Restore of accounts.
  • Manage all your TAU tokens in one place!.
  • Built-in Swap mechinism to transfer over ERC-20 TAU to Lamden's Mainnet.
  • Create Linked Accounts which allow your to interact with DAPP websites.
  • Create, Test and Run smartcontract right in the Lamden Wallet using our in-built Contracting IDE.

Quick Start

Install Wallet

You can Install and Setup a Lamden Wallet in seconds!


Do you have a great DAPP idea? Check out the Lamden Wallet API documentaion to get started!