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What Are Wallet Accounts?

Wallet accounts store your TAU token in the Lamden Wallet.

You can have multiple wallet accounts, each of them has their own unique keypair which are encrypted in the Lamden Wallet.

It is heavily recommened that you do a BACKUP everytime you add a new account as each backup only stores the accounts you had at that specific point in time.

What are keypairs?

Each account in your Lamden Wallet has an asssociated cryptographic keypair.

  1. Public Key
    • Referred to as "Account Address" in the wallet but also commonly referred to as a "public key" or "verifying key (vk)"
    • Can be "public knowledge" and you are free to share this without risking the security of your account
  2. Secret Key
    • As the name suggests this MUST BE KEPT SECRET!
    • Used to sign transcations and transactions signed by this key identify you on the blockchain
    • If someone has your secret key then, to the blockchain, they are you and can act as you!