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Create a Linked Account

To create a Linked Account to a DAPP first visit the DAPP's website.

Some websites will prompt right away for a connection and some could have a "connect to wallet" button. The way you initiate a connection is entirely upto the DAPP but you will always need to have your wallet unlocked to be able to accept DAPP connection requests.

Once the DAPP has initaited a connection request to your Lamden Wallet the process is the same.

Lamden is not responsible for lost or stolen funds with regard to accepting connections to malicious DAPPS.

You do have some protections when creating Linked Accounts.

  1. A brand new account will be created in your Lamden Wallet for EACH and every DAPP. DAPPs will ONLY be able to interact with their specific account and ahve no access to other accounts in your wallet.
  2. Because a DAPP only has access to 1 account in your wallet you can limit the amount of TAU it has to perform transactions by only transfering over as much as you want from yoru MAIN account to its linked account.
  3. The DAPP can only create transactions to 1 smart contract and it's the smart contract that you approve in the connection request. It sends transactions AS YOU by using your Lamden Account to sign transactions to this smart contract. To be able to send transaction the DAPP will need a TAU balance in its linked account but this does not mean it's SPENDING your TAU directly, you are mearly providing the stamps needed for the DAPP to function correctly.
  4. A DAPP cannot directly SPEND your TAU unless you explicitly give it permission to. This permission is a seperate popup which you will see everytime (even if automatic transactions are enabled). Once you approve this popup the DAPP will have the abilty to SPEND your TAU directly, so always take caution when approving that popup.
  5. Automatic transactions are recommended for DAPPS that you trust. But you can turn this feature off to see a popup EVERYTIME the DAPP sends a transaction through your wallet. This means ou will have the ability to manually approve every transaction.

Linked Account Creation

The first popup in the process tells you that you have a new request to create a Linked Account in your Lamden Wallet.

The following information is contained in this request:

  1. The name of the DAPP
  2. Unter the DAPP name is the url of the website that created the popup. You can click it to make sure that it's the same website you were on.
  3. The smart contract that this DAPP will be locked to.
  4. The network the DAPP will be allowed to operate on (Lamden Testnet or Lamden Mainet).

Only Click "Next" if:

  1. You have verified that you trust the website that created the popup
  2. You trust the smart contact that the DAPP will be transacting against

If you are having trouble deciding if you should trust the DAPP you can ask around in Lamden's Telegram Group

If you did not expect this popup and do not want a DAPP connection to this website then you can click "Not Now".

Fund Linked Account

You will only see this screen if you have TAU in one of your OTHER wallet accounts.

The purpose of this screen is to allow you to quickly fund this new Linked Account when it is created.

  1. Choose the Account you want to transfer TAU from
  2. Enter the Amount of TAU you want to transfer to the linked account
  3. Click the "YES" button
Note: While you set the tranfer details here the TAU transfer will not take place till AFTER the final confirmation on the next popup screen.

If you don't want to transfer any TAU to new Linked Account then Click "Skip" to continue to the next screen.

Make Account Trusted

On this screen you will decide if this Linked Account will be treated as a "Trusted Account" by the Lamden Wallet. Tusted Accounts enable automatic transactions; which means you will not get a popup to any transactions the DAPP submits.

Note: Do not set an account as Trusted unelss you are sure you do.

You can always ask around in the Lamden's Telegram Group to see if other trust the app.

If you close the popup window at this point then no Linked Account will be created and no TAU transfer will take place (from Step 2).

Click "Create Account" to create the Linked Account in the Lamden Wallet. At this point if you selected funding in Step 2 then that transfer will take place.

After the Linked Account is created the DAPP will be provided the Account Address for its Linked Account everytime you visit the website.