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Estimation Script Installation

This script is used for estimating stamps cost of a transaction and serves a socket server to communicate with Lamden Block Service. Installing this script can ensure endpoint /stamps/estimation works. You can find it at here.


1.Mongodb(version > 4.0) 2. python 3.6.x (should come with UBUNTU 18.04) 3. poetry installed. poetry is a package manager tool. More detail click here

    curl -sSL | python -
source $HOME/.poetry/env

Install Dependancies

  1. pip3
    sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get -y install python3-pip
  1. python setuptools
    pip3 install setuptools
  1. lamden contracting
    cd ~
git clone
cd contracting
git checkout blockservice-driver
python3 ./ develop


You should make sure that poetry and python have been installed.

git clone 

cd stamp_estimation_script/

poetry install # Installing dependences.


There are two config files: config.ini(for production) and development) which are used to configure mongodb and socket server. Please edit them to ensure that script works.

# mongo config
conn=mongodb://user:[email protected]:27017 # mongo connection string.
database=testnet-blockservice # mongo database name.
collection=currentState # Collection name.

# socket config
host=localhost # host address
port=3232 # port number


poetry run python ./ # Default use

PYTHON_ENV="production" poetry run python ./ # Will use config.ini