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Blockservice Config

All configuration is done by an .env file which you need to create in the root of the application folder. Some variables which are not be set will use default values.

Lamden configuration items

NETWORKWhich Lamden network to synctestnet
MASTERNODE_URLA URL of a lamden masternode

Mongo DB configuration items

DBUSERdatabase usernull
DBPWDdatabase passwordnull
AUTHSOURCEauth source if using a user and passwordadmin
DBURLdatabase url127.0.0.1
DBPORTdatabase port27017
DBNAMEthe name of the database${NETWORK}-blockservice. Example testnet-blockservice

Runtime options

DEBUG_ONoutputs some logs while grabbing blocksfalse

Server options

BLOCKSERVICE_PORTThe port used for the webserver and websockets3535
BLOCKSERVICE_HOSTService bind hostlocalhost

Msic options

APIDOC_PORTPort for api document8999
SCRIPT_SOCKET_CONNEstimation script socket server connection.http://localhost:3232
LOG_LEVELLog Levelinfo

Log Level Details

  • info - Displays all messages from all loggers.
  • timer - Displays messages only from the time, timeEnd, debug, warn, error & fatal loggers.
  • debug - Displays messages only from the debug, warn, error & fatal loggers.
  • warn - Displays messages only from the warn, error & fatal loggers.
  • error - Displays messages only from the error & fatal loggers.