Get User Account Info from Vault 🔗︎

Your Dapp can get the user's Linked Account information by listening for the lamdenWalletInfo event.

This event is triggered when:

  1. You send a "lamdenWalletConnect" event
  2. You request information from the Lamden Vault by sending a "lamdenWalletGetInfo" event
  3. The user locks or unlocks the wallet

Listen for Wallet Info 🔗︎

This example assumes your Dapp has previously been approved

document.addEventListener('lamdenWalletInfo', (response) => {
    if (response.error.length > 0){
        //Respond to Errors
    if (response.locked){
        //Prompt user to unlock wallet
        //Get user's account address
// Get Wallet Info
document.dispatchEvent(new CustomEvent('lamdenWalletGetInfo'));

Request Wallet Info 🔗︎

// Get Wallet Info
document.dispatchEvent(new CustomEvent('lamdenWalletGetInfo'));

Property Description
walletVersion The version of the installed Lamden Vault you are connected to
installed Boolean: Wallet is installed in the browser
setup Boolean: If the user has run the Lamden Vault through the initial setup
locked Boolean: If the wallet is locked or not
wallets Array: The Lamden public key your dApp was assigned. There will only ever be 1 value in this array.
approvals Object: The networks that are currently approved and the information about those approvals including, ContractName, trustedApp and version.

The wallets and approvals properties will return empty objects until the user unlocks the Lamden Vault