Create Lamden Wallets 🔗︎

Create a Lamden Keypair 🔗︎

Creates a new wallet object. - verifying key (vk): public key - secret key (sk): private key

let lamdenWallet = Lamden.wallet.new_wallet()

    vk: "ea2cee33f9478d767d67afe345592ef36446ee04f8d588fa76942e6569a53298",
    sk: "69a8db3fb7196debc2711fad1fa1935918d09f5d8900d84c3288ea5237611c03"

Get a public key (vk) from a private key (sk) 🔗︎

Takes the sk as an argument and returns the vk

let sk = "69a8db3fb7196debc2711fad1fa1935918d09f5d8900d84c3288ea5237611c03"
let vk = wallet.get_vk(sk) 

// 'ea2cee33f9478d767d67afe345592ef36446ee04f8d588fa76942e6569a53298'

Sign a message 🔗︎

Signs a string payload

const stringBuffer = Buffer.from('message')
let messageBytes = new Uint8Array(stringBuffer);
let sk = "69a8db3fb7196debc2711fad1fa1935918d09f5d8900d84c3288ea5237611c03"

let signedMessage = wallet.sign(sk, messageBytes)

// '982c204fe88e620f3319558aa6b11f9d8be75b99b3199f434f5edf2834a9c52059ba4ea3d623ac1d550170e532e919c364aad1333f757f8f22e0355cb1dd8c09'

Verify signature 🔗︎

verify a payload

let validSignature = wallet.verify(vk, messageBytes, signedMessage)

// true or false