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Develop Apps

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Connect Easily

Lamden's blockchain is a RESTFUL API which allows you to integrate into new or existing applications with ease.

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Linked Wallet Accounts

Create an Account in the Lamden Vault specific to your Application. Customize the Account to help engage your users.

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The Tools you Need

We have many tools and packages to help you integrate Lamden into your Application.

Developer Tools


Develop Smart Contracts with ease using native Python. Grab your favorite IDE to create and test robust smart contracts with advanced on-chain logic and storage options.


Lamden is a Python package that allows you to create wallets, transactions and interact with the Lamden blockchain. This package houses the masternode and delegate software for running nodes. It's a one stop shop for all lamden tech on Python.


Lamden-js is a NodeJS package which allows you to easily create transactions and query state on the Lamden Blockchain. Integreate Lamden in to your webapp using lamden-js's simple event driven API.

Lamden Vault API

Connect your app to the Lamden Vault via a simple event driven API. Once your app is connected to a user's Lamden Vault you can sign transactions to your smart contract on their behalf. Automatic transactions supercharge the user experience by getting rid of popups.

Lamden Vault Controller

A javascript package for connecting and communicating with the Lamden Vault. This package facilitates the Wallet connection process and streamlines the flow of communication.

C# Unity Plugin

Download our Unity pluging in the Unity Asset store to connect the Lamden blockchain to your game. The Lamden blockchain's speed and versitilty can connect your users to seemless item markets and real ownership over game objects.